LED Lighting Solutions in the United Kingdom

Why you Should Consider LED Downlights

Choosing the best LED down lights for the job is usually an overwhelming task especially now that there are too many options to choose from. Fortunately, technology has enabled the production of various downlights ranging from cheap and simple to high-quality and branded products. To be successful in this industry, manufacturers have realized the importance of factoring in the customer in the production process. Without the customer in mind, a unique product idea may as well be a waste of time. Regardless, quality products will always attract customers to your business. Selling high-quality products not only provide reliability, but also boost customer confidence in your product.

Having extensive knowledge in LED downlights ensures that you choose only the best products that are reliable and can be used for a long time. If possible, get products that have evolved into perfection because they require little or no maintenance; you only fit and forget!

A plan to conduct a bathroom lighting installation first requires one to consider the Building Regulations that apply in that particular area. The bathroom is divided in three distinct areas, each requiring light fittings or LED downlights that meet various IP (ingress protection) ratings. For instance, the LED downlights for a shower cubicle requires a minimum IP rating of IP44.

led lightingHowever, several bathroom areas do not require IP rating. This means that you can even install a combination of water resistant IP44 to IP65 and non-water resistant IP20 LED downlights. In the kitchen, however, there are no regulations or zones to be followed because there is minimal risk of water splashing the LED downlights. While bathrooms have regulations or zones that must be adhered to, you can use virtually any type of LED downlights for your kitchen.

There are various types of LED lights. For instance, fire rated LED downlights lights are designed with safety in mind; they are mostly used as a safety measure especially in homes and commercial buildings. However, you need to be sure that you need to install them before you do so. Regardless, LED downlights are the longer lasting, low-energy alternative to halogen. LED lighting technology is not only efficient, but will not be replaced by another lighting technology in our entire lifetime –maybe just improved upon. In addition, there are dimmableLED downlights that are compatible with LED dimmer switches guaranteed to work with nearly all dimmable LED lights. LED technology has enabled mankind to save on energy and fuel costs. The popularity for LED downlights has grown tremendously in the recent past.